Tech Gear 5.7
December 2016 – Present

As a Webmaster with Tech Gear5.7 I was responsible for all of the company’s online operations. I managed 2 employees (a Web Developer and a Graphic Designer) to create, build, and update the company’s three eCommerce websites.

Being responsible for all online strategies, marketing, and branding, I implemented SEO / PPC, Social Media, graphic design (product photos/videos), product descriptions, engaging webpage copy/content, and targeted email campaigns. Some of the tools I used to increase traffic and ROI were Google Adwords/Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and MailChimp.

Using my IT background, I implemented modern technologies to strengthen the company’s communication and collaboration infrastructure. These technologies included but were not limited to G-Suite, JIRA (Core), mySQL databases, and wireless networking helped unify company communication through the use of weekly video meetings, company email accounts, real-time document collaboration/sharing, issue tracking (work flow management), database queries to collect, create, and manage client accounts, and upgrades to operating systems, software (Adobe/Microsoft), and computer hardware. My efforts increased online revenues, client relations, and set the stage for a successful foundation/presence in the United States.

I wore many hats with Tech Gear 5.7 including executive support, online partnerships with Amazon and a network of dealerships across the USA. I was actively involved with Human Resources and policy implementation, customer service initiatives, shipping/inventory logistics, reporting, and I worked closely with sales reps to create online UI/UX applications to streamline purchasing and contracting.

I’m truly a unique hybrid with an impressive skill set, hands on experience, quick learner, work well as a team member or individually, and I’m able to bring valuable insights and productivity to the table.