CIGR8 Commemorates Three Years of Continuing Progress as a Leader in the Ever Growing E-Cigarette Market & Launches New e-Hookah Lineup

CIGR8 is proud to recognize their third anniversary as a leading purveyor of e-cigarettes. Focused on building a more distinctive, luxurious, and upscale e-cigarette experience, CIGR8 suits users who have the most discriminating taste, those who refuse to settle for anything less than the highest, most sophisticated quality products, and those who demand only the best tasting e-juices on the market.

Within the past year, CIGR8 has dynamically expanded its presence in the e-cigarette market. In 2013, the Company launched their patent-pending screw-less product line and promoted this innovative and exquisitely designed technology at trade shows across the country.

CIGR8 is pleased to announce the launch of yet another innovative product that is sure to change things once again. This new line of products from CIGR8 include the NADA, NADA mini, and NADA Juices, all of which are dedicated to e-hookah consumers. These new products eliminate the need for messy coals, leave no smoke or ash, and are a cinch to clean up.

CIGR8 COO David Zhou says, “This will be a game changer. This is the product of the future.”

The NADA and NADA mini are electronic hookah heads that can be placed on any hookah pipe, making them much more versatile. The NADA and NADA mini e-hookahs have been designed with style and will add class to any setting. They offer users an exciting new way to enjoy their hookah sessions. Hookah lounge owners nationwide are already pre-ordering our new NADA and NADA mini e-hookahs for their lounges.

Gone are the days of fire hazards associated with traditional hookahs. There are no hot coals that can burn holes in clothing and furniture. The e-hookahs are battery operated, re-chargeable, and will run for hours on a single charge.

“Our new line of NADA Juice is designed to surpass traditional ‘Shisha’ in flavor and satisfaction,” adds COO David Zhou.

CIGR8 is offering 10 exciting new flavors to compliment the revolutionary new e-hookahs. These juicy flavors include: double apple, strawberry, coconut, watermelon, mint, peach, pineapple, and rose. The new e-hookah juice is specially formulated for a superb hookah experience. The “NADA” juice is designed in such a way as to allow our users to mix and match flavors to create unique concoctions that are sure to become personal favorites.

CIGR8 is a trademarked electronic cigarette brand headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. To learn more about CIGR8 products, visit www.CIGR8.com.

CIGR8 Sales Contact: Peter Basham/Sales Manager,
Email: peter@cigr8.com
Phone: 702-906-1806
All Other Inquiries: David Zhou/COO,
Email: davidz@cigr8.com
Phone: 702-715-8454

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