CIGR8 can help you become a winner on your first date.

Finding that special someone can sometimes be more than frustrating. Lucky for you, CIGR8 has you covered. Like every successful venture, there has to be a well thought out strategy behind the campaign. Here are a few tips for mastering your first date and finding true love.

1. First things first, know what you want from a mate. Make a short list outlining your needs and wants from a relationship. Add to that list your likes and dislikes from a prospective companion. At this point, you’ll need to decide what you are willing and capable of committing to. Develop a dating schedule outlining your commitments and place it on your list. Continue to write down on the list the things you have to offer someone and what you expect from them. Now you have a clear picture of your needs and wants, what you have to offer someone else, and a realistic dating strategy.

2. Now it’s time to put your plan of action into motion. Start looking for the person of your dreams by attending events with people that match your needs and wants, participate in online forums or discussions with people of mutual interests, join any clubs or organizations that go well with your desired traits outlined in your list, and start reading magazines to keep current on fashion trends for your lifestyle. When you meet the person who’s a perfect prospect, ask them out.

3. That first date will make you or break you. First impressions last a lifetime and can say a lot about a person. You’ll want to look your best, bring your “A” game to the table, and realize the date is as much about the other person as it is about you.

4. Fashion is smashin’. If you did your homework from above, you’ll be more than looking good. You’ll want to make sure you have just the right accessories to compliment that style of yours. Nothing says you’ve crossed your “T’s” and dotted all of your “I’s” like a smooth accessory.

5. You’ll want to dress and accessorize yourself in ways that compliment your personality and make statements that say you’ve got it down. Avoid trying to be something your not. Nothing is worse than showing up for the first date looking like a “fake” or making a statement that says, “I’m definitely “a loser”.

6. Personal hygiene is essential to successfully impressing your date. Make sure your pearly whites are white, your breath is fresh, hair is clean but not over done, your clothes are crisp and wrinkle free. Go light on the colonge and perfume. The last thing you want is to overpower your companion with a “suffocating” cloud of something you think smells good.

7. Interacting with your date will develop the bonds that define a strong relationships. Be attentive and keep eye contact. Let them know that you are listening as well as hearing what they have to say. Always keep a smile and practice chivalry. Show your date that your calm, cool, and collect. If you’re confident in yourself, chances are your date will feel confident in you as well.

8. Notable “no, no’s” include getting lost in your phone and text messaging during your date. Better choices are to turn you’re ringer off, take your date by the hand, and smile. You’ll want to avoid asking too many questions and bragging. No one likes a “know it all”. Add some intrigue to yourself instead, casually sit back and appear to be contemplating your date’s conversation in a thoughtful pose.

9. All good things must come to an end. You’ll want to be professional and honest while escorting your date to her door or car. Explain to him or her how you feel about them and the date. Express your intentions for future dates with them. Close with a warm and inviting parting.

10. Now that your first date is over, you’ll want to evaluate things to determine your next
move. Compare your experience with the list you made before the date. Do they match up with your expectations and your feelings? After you’ve made an honest and thorough comparison, you should have a clear picture of what the future holds for you and your prospect. Decide your course of action and follow through whether or not the date was a success. By being professional, honest, and contacting your date with a follow up you’ll earn their respect and a friend even if the date was a “flop”.

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