The future of vaporizer mods is ever evolving. The industry has grown and changed tremendously in just a few years. From the days of the early “e-cigarettes” to the modern day mechanical beast ”mods” one thing is clear, the electronic vaporizer has changed the way people “smoke”.

Once again the electronic cigarette “mod” is on the horizon of change. Realizing that change in the market is taking place, CIGR8 needs to specifically identify what changes in vaporizer mods is taking place, adapt to the demands for a new “super mod” by end consumers and overcome the pitfalls that will “sink” our competitors manufacturing efforts. Basic marketing research in the United States suggests that these are the components of the new generation of “super mods”.

Interviews with active consumers of vaping products, new start up vaporizer users, vape shop owners, and vapor bar “baristas” has revealed a wealth of information for the evolution of a better vaporizer mod. The common denominator for improvements in both the variable voltage and mechanical mods is the power level output. Specifically, the battery or batteries of the device. Current problems with existing battery specifications include:

• Safety
• Output
• Capacity
• Charge time
• Charging method/process
• Length of charge
• Configuration

Improvements with the battery system of a mod will be crucial to the success of the mod. The optimal configuration will resemble this set up. It has been suggested and recommended to run (2) 18650 batteries with parallel power output. The charging system should be based on a USB pass-through model, be housed in the trending “box” mod design with a back that slides off and magnetized for quick and easy access to the batteries (the traditional screw on models are cumbersome), the batteries should be able to hold a charge for much longer periods of time, charge to 100% more rapidly than any on the market currently and finally, efficient and adequate ventilation for the batteries to prevent over heating or explosion will be necessary.

Research into the most profitable trend of the vaporizer mod shows that the variable voltage mod is the prime target for manufacture and sale. The fact behind this according to vape shop owners and baristas is the majority of their sales are from the “start-up” consumer. The logic seems reasonable because most entry level users do not know anything about an electronic cigarette. The opposite is true for the mechanical mod. The mechanical mod market consists of the veteran user who wants to take things deeper with the lifestyle and has a basic understanding how mods work. Vape shop personnel agree that mechanical mod sales are lower and that the window for opportunity for a popular model is too short for a successful long-term campaign.

The variable voltage/wattage mods differ from mechanical mods in that the variable voltage model has a chip that “regulates” the power output to the coil and allows the user to “adjust” the voltage/wattage to the desired preference. Until recently the chip set of choice was and still is to some extent the DNA Mod Chip versions 20/30/50. These chip sets have an output range of 60 – 100 watts and can register as low .15 ohms. This technology is quickly being replaced by chips that can output to 200 watts and register as low as .1 ohms.

One of the new chips is the Raptor Naos by GE. This according vaping fanatics is by far the chip that is recommended for the mods of the future. The reasons vary but some include the information found online via the following link:


Traditional variable voltage mods consists of a rechargeable battery, a coil, and tank. These older mods are usually small and cylindrical in shape. The newer mods are slightly larger, have more features, and come in a variety of shapes. Some modern variable voltage mods have external batteries allowing for more power.

The up and coming construction trend in modern design of mods is known as a “box” mod. They are exactly that, a small box containing the chip set, battery, and other hardware needed for operation. These designs are more functional than for appeal. The size and shape allow for the accommodation of 2 batteries, larger chip sets, and leaves ample room for special features such as LCD display screens, etc…

CIGR8 can improve on the current design of “box” mods by integrating basic ergonomics and constructing the entire mod with high quality parts. The devil is in the detail as they say. The little things that could make or break a new mods construction include:

• Hand grips
• Appeal / design
• Magnetic housing covers
• Carbon fiber construction
• Gold plated copper contacts
• Implementing battery upgrades

Another important aspect of an electronic cigarette is the tank. Older models of tanks for e-cigs leave a lot to be desired. Most notable was the quality of the manufacture. The poor quality resulted in the tanks leaking, falling apart, and poor performance. The “tank” has come a long way in the construction standards, size, and style. The higher end tanks of today are made of Pyrex glass, have a larger capacity e-juice, and most are “spill proof”. Some models even come with a metal case to protect the glass and are elegantly crafted for attractive visual appeal.

Suggested tank features for improvement include:

• Pyrex glass
• Metal sleeve to protect the tank
• Larger capacity (3ml)
• Shorter tank design
• Spill proof construction

In conclusion, CIGR8 needs to not only enter the mod market but build and position itself and the new mod as a top quality brand. Basic marketing research suggests these are the components of the super “mods” of the future. An example description would be a variable voltage/wattage “box” mod with dual 18650 batteries that run parallel, and has a pass through charging feature. The new mod should have batteries that are safer, charge faster, and last longer, include a Raptor Naos chip set that will output 150-200 watts, the contacts should be either copper or gold platted copper, an informative LCD that shows the actual output as well as the current voltage/wattage setting, the case itself should be constructed of either brass, copper, or wood, be ergonomic, stylish, easy to maintain (magnetic battery cover), the mod should also offer a new tank size of 3ml, be made of Pyrex glass be shorter, spill proof, and outfitted with a metal sleeve for protection, the wiring should not soldered, it should have a coil or coils with a minimum .1 ohms (lower ohms with higher voltage omits larger clouds), allow greater airflow through the battery compartment allowing more efficient cooling of the device. Finally, the new mod should be constructed of superior quality,, hardware and be completely unique (not a clone).

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